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NEW: The revolution in knee prosthetics

I am very happy to be one of the few doctors in Germany who can offer their patients the innovative method of knee replacement with robot arm support. I perform the operations with the new technology in the Marienkrankenhaus Soest, which has been a certified joint replacement center since 2015.

The system is amongst the most reliable robot arm systems in the world and is already in use in renowned international clinics. It stands out due to an unsurpassed level of precision and patient safety.

What is a robotic-arm supported knee replacement?

The technology developed by Stryker, a leading company in orthopaedics, improves precision and accuracy in knee replacement operations.

It is important to know that in a robotic-arm supported intervention, the operation is not carried out by the robotic-arm itself, but by the orthopaedic surgeon. The robot is guided to position the knee replacement with the highest possible precision. The ultimate decisions remain however with the surgeon. The skills and experience of the surgeon are always critical to the success of the operation.

A CT (computer tomography image) is always created before the intervention. The CT shows the patient’s anatomy. A virtual, three-dimensional model of the joint is created using the robot’s software.

The surgeon can plan exactly based on this model. The planning is adjusted to the stability of the ligaments and the axial alignment during the operation. When the joint replacement is precisely positioned and the knee ligaments are stretched and stable, the actual surgical intervention begins. The robot supports the incision with high precision within the pre-defined area. The grinding process is automatically stopped with minimal deviation. This gives the best protection to the healthy bone and the soft tissues.

Advantages of robot-arm assisted endoprosthetics

  • Precise  positioning of the implant
  • Helps to retain healthy bone and soft tissue
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Faster recovery
  • Better functionality of the knee joint
  • Smaller scar

In the Marienkrankenhaus Soest we also use the Rapid Recovery concept so that you can return in good health to normal everyday activities as soon as possible.

Dr. Klotz is one of the most experienced specialists in the field of joint replacement.

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Along with my work as Senior Consultant at the University Hospital in Linz, I run my “Wahlarzt” [elective doctor] surgeries in Linz and Vienna. I will be pleased to give you comprehensive advice there.

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