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Pigeon toes

Pigeon toes (pes adductus) is a common deformity of an infant’s foot. In this, the front part of the foot and the toes turn inwards. That is the reason for the sickle-shaped appearance.

The cause is the muscular imbalance of the forefoot musculature. The deformity almost always only develops after birth and is seldom observed in premature babies.

Diagnosis of Pigeon Toes 

This is primarily by clinical examination. An x-ray should only be carried out if a severe deformity with bone malformation is suspected.

Pigeon Toe Treatment 

Pigeon toes with only minor clinical manifestation need no further treatment. The majority of the feet will recover until the age of 5. Nevertheless, there is a slight increase to develop an hallux valgus later on. Where there are clear findings, redressing upper thing plaster casts should be applied early, so that treatment can be completed before the child can walk unassisted and the child is not restricted by plaster casts in its first attempts to walk. If the pigeon toes extend into later childhood or where there is a complex foot deformity, it might be necessary to recommend corrective surgery.


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