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Alternatives to total hip replacement

Where hip problems arise, conservative treatments should be followed in the initial months. It is important to check thoroughly, especially with younger patients, whether a joint-preserving operation (corrective osteotomy) is possible.

There are no generally applicable rules for the point from which an total hip replacement is sensible. An important factor is the cause of the hip problem. Arthritis is the main cause of hip problems. If this is still in an early stage, the problems can be reduced with conservative treatments and the progress can be delayed. In advanced arthritis if the bones are already rubbing against each other, there is often no alternative but a total joint replacement.

The reason for severe hip complaints can also be muscular. Tensions and muscular imbalances can be identified in an examination. These tensions are often the cause of the severe groin pains. If muscular problems are the cause of the problem, an operation is not the treatment of choice. In this case, targeted physiotherapy can be the remedy.


Physiotherapy represents the basis of treatment in the early stages of arthritis of the hip. The accompanying muscular tensions and the relieving posture thereby acquired can be treated with targeted physiotherapy. The pain is reduced through the treatment, the joint function is improved and the progress of the disease is slowed. A physiotherapist carries out exercises with you that are adapted to your problems. You also receive valuable advice about how you can alleviate your complaint in your everyday routine through appropriate actions. This includes, for example, the creation of an individual movement plan and advice on correct sitting and lying down.


Infiltration is the option of injecting a medication or a substance directly into the joint. Hyaluronic acid treatment especially achieves good success in the early stages of arthritis. Further information on treatment with hyaluronic acid.

ACP Treatment using your own blood 

ACP (Autologous Conditioned Plasma) treatment using your own blood is an innovative treatment procedure. It is in the category of regenerative medicine. Treatment using your own blood is used in orthopaedics amongst other things for arthritis and wear-related joint problems. Further information on treatment using your own blood.

Corrective osteotomy

Incorrect positions which encourage arthritis should be rectified. Corrective osteotomy can reduce the risk of suffering arthritis. In corrective osteotomy of the hip joint, either the femur or the pelvic bone is severed, and its shape altered. The aim of the operation is to prevent early arthritis. Corrective operations are therefore expedient only if there is no arthritis or it is in the very early stages.

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