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Alternatives to knee replacement

Conservative (non-surgical) treatment should follow in the first months if knee problems arise. With young patients especially a thorough check must be made whether joint-preserving treatments are possible.

In treatment of knee pain it is essential to analyse the underlying factors. Arthritis is of the most common reasons for knee problems. Physiotherapy, non-steroidal medication as well as modification of activity and body weight might reduce the pain in many cases. In advanced degeneration and arthritis, partial or total knee replacement is the treatment of choice.

Knee pain may also result from muscular imbalance. If muscular problems are the cause of the complaints, an operation is not the treatment of choice. In this case, targeted physiotherapy can provide a remedy.

Corrective osteotomy 

Corrective osteotomy is an opportunity in early-stage arthritis to correct the leg axis shift and then re-join them. Young people who are active in sport benefit especially from this treatment. The joint load changes through the corrective osteotomy. The operation is carried out on the place to be corrected. After separation of the bone, the bone is opened or closed by removal of a wedge. A corrective osteotomy can delay or even prevent a knee replacement.

Umstellungsosteotomie Knie


For muscular causes or at the early stages of arthritis the knee pain can be tackled with targeted physiotherapy. A physiotherapist will carry out exercises with you attuned to your knee problems. You will also get valuable tips for reducing your pain with appropriate measures in your everyday life. This includes, for example, the creation of an individual activity plan.


 Infiltration is the option of injecting a medication or substance directly into the knee joint. Hyaluronic acid treatment achieves good results in early arthritis. Further information on treatment with hyaluronic acid.

ACP Autohaemotherapy 

ACP (Autologous Conditioned Plasma) autohaemotherapy is an innovative treatment procedure. It is classified as regenerative medicine. Autohaemotherapy is used in orthopaedics amongst other things for arthritis and wear-related joint complaints. Further information on autohaemotherapy treatment.

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