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Arthritis of the Hip (Coxarthrosis)

What is Coxarthrosis? 

Coxarthrosis means the whole degenerative disease of the hip joint without precise narrowing of the cause. Up to 15% of people over 55 years old already show signs of arthritis of the hip in X-ray images. Coxarthrosis is thus the most common arthritis in the major joints. 40% of patients have pain on both sides due to coxarthrosis. As with any arthritis, acutely painful phases (active arthritis) alternate with clinically inert phases (latent arthritis).

Causes of Coxarthrosis

Arthritis is the result of various biological and mechanical influences that bring about an irreversible disturbance in the dynamic balance between build-up and reduction of the cartilage structure, and thus initiate joint damage typical for arthritis. The consequences are cartilage reduction, joint inflammation and bone changes. The patient perceives this as pain in starting to move and under load and is affected by an increasing restriction in the movement of the hip joint. The pain is mostly located in the groin or buttocks area but can be referred to the upper thigh as far as the knee.

Treatment of coxarthrosis

Treatment of the arthritis consists of preventative and measures to address the symptoms. Additionally, there are some active substances that show evidence of properties that protect and regenerate cartilage.

Arthritis treatment should address specifically each of the important factors of pain, restrictions of function, and structure disorders.

Dr. Klotz will work out a treatment concept individually aligned to your difficulties. In so doing, he draws on all therapeutic options and successful treatments and avoids all unnecessary loads on your body.

Hip Replacement with Coxarthrosis

Fitting of artificial hip joints is a common and extraordinarily effective medical procedure, through which patients with advanced coxarthrosis regain freedom from pain, mobility und an improved quality of life.

It has been shown in studies that replacement of the hip joint is the most successful orthopaedic operation in patients with advanced coxarthrosis who have exhausted conservative treatment without success.

Due to the outstanding successes with high patient satisfaction and only low complication rates, the total hip joint replacement has been called “Operation of the Century” in the press and the medical specialist publications. The long-term durability of the different implants varies, but 90 per cent replacement free lifetimes of 15-20 years have been shown for implants with certain materials and design criteria.

Replacement hip joint for younger patients

Because of better diagnostic methods, the continuous further development of implants, anchoring and implantation techniques and the good long-term results, there has been an increasing extension of the indication of an operation to young and physically active patients. Together with the aim of freedom from pain and long-term durability, these have high expectations of the functional outcome of the operation. This applies in particular to a fast recovery and the possibility of taking up sporting activity again.

Dr. Klotz is an experienced hip surgeon. He is a senior consultant at the Maximum Care Joint Replacement Centre. Dr. Klotz’s engagement reaches far beyond the clinical patient care. Dr. Klotz has been involved with the hip joint, diseases and operative provision possibilities in numerous clinical and experimental investigations.

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