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Rapid Recovery

Rapid Recovery is a holistic treatment concept which aims to secure a quick recovery for joint replacement patients.

The Rapid Recovery approach is intended to accelerate the recovery process in a physical and psychological respect. Physical recovery encompasses the re-establishment of mobility and rebuilding the patient’s strength. On the psychological level, work is aimed at reducing anxieties and regaining self-confidence. The aim is always that you can become active again within a few days of a hip or knee replacement operation and so return to your everyday tasks or sporting activities as soon as possible. As a patient, you are an active partner in this. You will learn how you can positively influence the recovery process from the start by active participation.

Improved Pain Treatment

Pain after a joint replacement operation is one of the essential factors that delay recovery. Rapid Recovery is based on improved pain therapy which significantly reduces the pain that arises after an operation.

Avoidance of Internal Complications

Another aspect of the method is avoidance of internal complications like thrombosis or lung embolisms. The risk of infection by hopsital germs is reduced.

Briefings before the Operation

The implementation of the Rapid Recovery concept begins even before the operation. Patients receive a briefing on how they can get out of bed, put on socks using aids, movement with walking aids and certain exercises. Patients receive an optimum preparation for the in-patient stay. The patient starts exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist even before the operation, which strengthen  the musculature, correct the relieving posture and improve mobility.

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After Discharge

Discharge can take place significantly earlier with Rapid Recovery. A specially coordinated plan with physiotherapeutic exercises will help you get back into normal life.


Dr. Klotz is one of the most experienced specialists in the field of joint replacement in hip and knee and has been familiar with Rapid Recovery for many years.

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Along with my work as Senior Consultant at the University Hospital in Linz, I run my “Wahlarzt” [elective doctor] surgeries in Linz and Vienna. I will be pleased to give you comprehensive advice there.

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