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Club foot

What are the causes of a club foot?


A club foot can be a birth defect, or it can arise over the course of time.

The causes of a club foot from birth are unclear, although they are probably congenital. Club foot is the most common foot deformity at birth. It occurs in around 1-2 per thousand births. Boys are affected more.

The causes of club foot occurring over the course of time include in particular:

  • Neuro-muscular diseases
  • Post-traumatic causes
  • Psychologically related
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Related to other disorders in the motor system

How is a club foot identified?

A club foot does not move. It points downwards and the soles of the foot rotate inwards. The calf musculature is shortened. Deep creases in the inside of the foot and above the heel are also typical.

The incorrect position consists of the following components:

What are the treatments for club foot?

Ideally, treatment takes place immediately after birth. The earlier the treatment takes place, the greater is the likelihood that both the foot shape and the gait can be matched to those of a healthy foot.

Treatment of a club foot can be either conservative (non-surgical) or surgical. This decision depends on the severity of the incorrect positioning. Infants are generally treated without surgical intervention.  The so-called Ponseti-Method has proved to be highly efficient. In this, the foot is carefully manipulated and held in place with progressive plaster casts. The cast intervals depend on the correction achieved and the age of the child. Usually the cast is changed once a week.

An operation is needed for adults and small children older than 6 months for whom sufficient correction could not be achieved by conservative methods. In an operation, the Achilles tendon is extended and the ankle and the heelbone are raised.

Dr. Klotz has many years of experience in treating club feet and is one of the most experienced specialists in the field of correction of incorrect foot positions. This treatment routine is essential in the most challenging circumstances.

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