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Equinus is characterized by toe walking pattern and a decrease in dorsiflexion of the ankle. Therefore, gait and independency is impaired. Equinus influences leg length, stance phase stability and may lead to pain and deformation of adjunct joints. The small load-bearing area during the standing phase caused increased callous formation, pressure points and pain.

Equinus can occur in isolation or as a partial component of other foot deformities. It can be congenital or can arise over the course of life.



Clinical examination is of central importance. Attention should be given during the examination as to what anatomical structures lead to the equinus, as this is of crucial importance to the subsequent treatment.

detailed gait analysis can be helpful in describing associated deformities and neighbouring joints. Improving stretching of the knee joint frequently helps a discrete equinus, especially with patients with underlying neurological diseases. The gait can be significantly worsened by surgical correction where this has been incorrectly indicated.

Equinus Treatment 

If the equinus is due to shortened musculature, physiotherapy is the treatment of choice.

In addition, provision of splints (orthoses) specially made by the orthopaedic technician can be expedient. They can help to bring the foot back into the normal position and thereby improve the gait.

A further possible treatment for equinus caused by spasticity is the application of Botulin A to the calf. This can lower the tone of the musculature for a few months.

If conservative treatments do not lead to success or if a structural shortening of the musculature and tendons has already occurred, then surgical correction can be considered.

Dr. Klotz is one of the most experienced specialists in the field of correction of incorrect foot positions.

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