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Hallux Valgus Operations in Vienna und Linz

What is a Hallux Valgus?

A hallux valgus, commonly known as a bunion, is the most frequently occurring deformation of the toes. In this, the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe is laterally displaced to the outside and the big toe itself towards the other toes. Women are more often affected by hallux valgus. If the condition advances, it could lead to pain, inflammation and redness. Buying shoes can become a real challenge.

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What are the Causes of Hallux Valgus?

One of the most common causes is mechanical irritation caused by heels that are too high or too tight.  Other risk factors are excess weight, standing for long periods and rheumatism. Bunions can also have genetic causes.

Treatment of Hallux Valgus by Operation

A pronounced hallux valgus can only be rectified by surgical intervention. This permanently re-establishes the correct foot position. The operation should not be postponed too long, as the incorrect position could lead to further damage to the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe and to arthritis.

The operation re-aligns the displacement of the bone axis of the big toe. It is important to carry out the operation as carefully as possible to minimise injury to the muscles and tendons as far as possible.

There are various operational methods to choose from. We will clarify which procedure is most suitable for you in a comprehensive consultation in my surgery in Vienna or Linz.

Follow-up Treatment After the Hallux Valgus Operation

Recovery usually takes three to six weeks. Basically, the more serious the displacement was, the longer it will take before you can put your full weight on the foot again.

A post-operative shoe taking weight off the front of the foot should be worn for the duration of the rehabilitation. You will be able to wear broad shoes again after about five weeks. I will adjust pain relief and physiotherapy together with you so that you regain your mobility as quicky as possible.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

QUESTION: Does hallux valgus always have to be operated on?
ANSWER: An operation is always advisable if the ganglion is painful.

QUESTION: Can a hallux valgus operation be carried out on both sides simultaneously?
ANSWER: Fundamentally, both sides can be operated on simultaneously, but that could mean greater restrictions in the rehab phase.

QUESTION: Is the operation carried out as an out-patient or in-patient procedure?
ANSWER: In principle, the intervention can be carried out as an out-patient procedure and you can go home after only a few hours. The dressing must be changed on the day after the operation.

QUESTION: Will I be able to wear high heels again afterwards?
ANSWER: In principle, you can wear high heels again after a hallux operation. If possible, don’t wear the shoes you wore before the operation, as the pattern of the incorrect positioning is usually firmly imprinted in them. I would recommend that you wear new shoes.

QUESTION: When can I take up sport again?
ANSWER: You can resume your sporting activities after 6-8 weeks.


Along with my work as Senior Consultant at the University Hospital in Linz, I run my “Wahlarzt” [elective doctor] surgeries in Linz and Vienna. I will be pleased to give you comprehensive advice there.

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